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2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Rose has read 9 books toward her goal of 200 books.

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❝ My problem is that I fall in love with words, rather than actions. I fall in love with ideas and thoughts, instead of reality. And it will be the death of me. ❞

- Unknown  (via shilpa505)

I like books that aren’t just lovely but that have memories in themselves. Just like playing a song, picking up a book again that has memories can take you back to another place or another time.


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There are two types of books: ones that I have to force myself to read, and ones that I have to force myself to stop.

❝ As the hours crept by, the afternoon sunlight bleached all the books on the shelves to pale, gilded versions of themselves and warmed the paper and ink inside the covers so that the smell of unread words hung in the air. ❞

- Maggie StiefvaterShiver (via duttonbooks)


'People may think as they like about well-thumbed favourites', thought Paul, 'but there is something incomparably thrilling in first opening a brand-new book.' (Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh)

I was reading this book one day (and laughing my ass off while doing so), and coincidentally, my older sister who frequently shops at the The Book Depository informed me that they had a bookmarks competition this year; and I just knew that this quote would make a perfect bookmark! Luckily, The Book Depository and 3,000+ people on Facebook think so too, and it is now one of the winning entries of the contest! This was really fun to make. :) 

❝ It is a great thing to start life with a small number of really good books which are your very own. ❞

- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (via literatureismyutopia)

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And all becomes clear. Wish I could make you see this brightness. Don’t worry, all is well. All is so perfectly, damnably well. I understand now, that boundaries between noise and sound are conventions. All boundaries are conventions, waiting to be transcended. One may transcend any convention, if only one can first conceive of doing so. Moments like this, I can feel your heart beating as clearly as I feel my own, and I know that separation is an illusion. My life extends far beyond the limitations of me.

❝ Books are funny little portable pieces of thought. ❞

- Susan Sontag (via tumblerete)


Crystalized books by Alexis Arnold

I wanna know what people assume about me because of my tumblr.


Put an assumption in my ask. I’ll confirm or dispute it. I’m not gonna be mean or anything, I’m just very interested.

This could be fun or awful! Lets do it!

I have lived a thousand lives and I’ve loved a thousand loves. I’ve walked on distant worlds and seen the end of time. Because I read.
                                                        — George R.R. Martin 
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